Friday, 20 January 2012


Over the Christmas break I was able to venture out to Vancouver for a few nights. The city has to be one of my favourites in Canada if not the world. There are endless activities to keep you occupied throughout the week and weekend. The restaurant scene is also one of the best in North America. 
On this trip I made it out to burgoo in Kitsalano. The service was laid back and made for a relaxing lunch. I ordered the 1/2 order of butternut squash soup which was made ever more enjoyable due to the rainy weather. Who doesn't want soup on a damp day? So next time you are in Vancouver and you feel like some soup, hit up Burgoo:
Point Grey:
4434 West 10th Avenue tel. 604.221.7839

North Vancouver:
3 Lonsdale Avenue, tel. 604.904.0933

Mount Pleasant:
3096 Main Street, tel. 604.873.1441

2272 West 4th Avenue, tel. 604.734.3478


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