Saturday, 21 January 2012


A few collages I put together for what I am planning thus far for my new place.
Hopefully a large version of the madonna poster will be framed and hung above my bead in place of a headboard. I am hoping for a fake fur bed spread or a Moroccan  wedding blanket. I want to display my jewellery and some of my favourite editorial photo spreads as well as my favourite photos of friends.

Dining Room
I am hoping to keep it simple and light colours. I am currently looking into taking a wood working class so I can build my own dining room table and coffee table. That is a pretty steep goal but I love a challenge. 

Living Room
Seeing as my living room and dining room will be combined I will want to divide. I haven't decided yet if I will want to have two couches facing one another or if i want one couch with it's back to the dining room. That can all be decided once I have actually moved in. I am really wanting to give it a boutique layout, putting my most stylish items on display.

I love the anthropologie towels, and the clear glass vase holding the dried out roses. I will definitely be incorporating a lot of this bathroom into my own. 

Will be the spitting image of an Anthropologie catalogue, if you haven't already noticed with my collage.  

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