Tuesday, 31 January 2012


 Toronto is a fantastic city and this last weekend I was lucky enough to be able to fly down and visit with my family for a few short days. The visit was great and the food was incredible. We started off the weekend at Burgers Priest, which probably had the best burgers I've ever had. They weren't greasy at all. We made our way down to Kensington Market which was great fun as well.We ate our last meal at Frank's Kitchen which was to die for. The service was incredible and the food was even better. We were informed prior to dining that everything is prepared in house from scratch, including the three different types of bread that are brought out prior to the appetizers. I enjoyed the chef's version of a caprese salad, followed by the beef wellington which was cooked to perfection. Since our meal was so delicious we all decided to splurge on desert and I opted for the tart with chai vanilla ice cream, I think the description speaks for itself.  Toronto has so much to offer, there are great restaurants hidden all over the city as well as great shopping districts, markets and local bars like the Madison which had the best live music I've heard in a long time. The trip was a success but I must admit after all that delicious food I'm going to have to spend a little less time eating and a little more time doing sit-ups. 

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