Tuesday, 7 February 2012

treat yourself

For all of us students this is the time of year when we have very little time for ourselves. The stress of exams is a huge weight on our shoulders and it always threatening to bring us down. The winter weather as well tends to be hard to deal with. So I am advising you to do one of the following to bring a little happiness into your life. It will only take a moment but you will see how much happiness one little purchase can make.

purchase a fresh baguette or unique loaf of bread from a fantastic bakery. 

Buy yourself an arrangement of fresh flowers. If you like to study at home you can look up from your notes from time to time and rest your eyes on them allowing their beauty to brighten your day.
The smell doesn't hurt either ;)

Hey you're working hard you deserve a little Nutella!!

If you love gems, rocks and stones as much as I do then pick yourself up a beautiful stone and let it represent something. It could be a peaceful thought or whatever it is you prefer but overtime as you rest your eyes upon the stone you can be reminded of that thought or phrase. 

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