Monday, 12 March 2012


The Original Boutique
My version of the boutique

Anyone that knows me is sure to tell you that I LOVE ARITZIA! I love the quality, drape and style of their clothes. Aritzia has a unique image that really sets them apart from their competition. The boutiques are always designed to look unique and distinct from one another. Wilfred one of many private label brands carried in Aritizia recently opened a stand alone store in Toronto. I was immediately attracted to the design of the store and decided to design a window display in my spare time using illustrator. The first image of the exterior is the real display and the second image is the display I designed. For my window display I chose to feature some of my favourite items from the collection and used an old chalkboard in the background. The soft but dark colour really contrasted the colours of the clothing nicely. 

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