Thursday, 15 March 2012

Yada Yada Yada

Now before you say "fur again?" I would just like to defend myself by saying... well I can't think of a defence but I really do love this decor. To be honest this post isn't meant to focus on the fur throw but rather the chess board displayed in the first picture. I was flipping through blogs while watching Grey's Anatomy and got unnaturally excited about the thought of having a really awesome chess board in my new apartment. Although I love chess I have never been the best player. The only time I've ever won was against my brother. I managed to beat him in only three moves and in doing so scored a twenty dollar bill right out of his wallet. You're probably thinking it's impossible to beat someone at chess in three moves and you would most likely be correct however I don't remember making a wrong move and neither does my brother so I am keeping the twenty. Anyway back to the post. The apartment is stylish with a minimalistic approach and provides as great inspiration for decorating my new apartment! 
Happy Thursday! 

Once again thanks to lark and linen for providing me with inspirational decor photos!

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