Saturday, 28 April 2012



1680 rue St. Denis
The largest drinking patio in Montreal with the best Sangria. This is the best place to go on a hot summer evening. You're likely to bump into every student attending one of the many universities in the city.

300 rue Ontario
You must be ready to wait a very long wait to try one of their delicious mixed drinks served in a mason jar. I'll warn you now for anyone who may be as light of a weight as I am, only have one drink! They are very delicious but very strong and one will keep you going all night long. This small and stylish drinking hole has some of the best drinks in town. I recommend the blue drink. 

156 rue Roy Est
This has to be one of my favourite spots in Montreal. It's hidden away in one of the backstreets of the plateau. You are sure to have a great time at this little place. It's best for a date ;)

9 Ave Duluth Est
Duluth houses some of the best restaurants in Montreal as well as some of the neatest drinking spots. Reservoir is a popular spot amongst the locals as it provides its own beer brewed in house as well as delicious and unexpected meal options to enjoy as you sit back and relax with friends and new faces. 

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