Saturday, 14 April 2012


Just this last weekend I turned the dreaded twenty-one years old. Now I know most people see this as a great thing because you can officially drink in every country...yada yada yada. I have always prided myself on being under twenty-one saying that I must still be young if I can't drink everywhere. It was hard coming to terms with the ageing side of my birthday but on the other hand I got an amazing gift from my parents! By the end of the month I will be the proud owner of a new camera! It is one of the best on the market however I don't want to say which one it is because the purchase has yet to be made. I am hoping to sign up for some photography classes this summer in Vancouver to really learn how to use it and improve my skills. It's been a while since I took an actual photography class and my skills have gotten a bit rough around the edges. I have always loved working with black and white photography. I am getting a little bored of using myself to practice on so if anyone is up for being my model let me know!! You'll get some cool photos out of it ! ;)

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