Monday, 7 May 2012


Fashion Show
LaSalle College, Fashion Design

As the sun set on Montreal thousands of the cities most stylish inhabitants filed into Olympic Stadium to take part in the largest fashion show currently taking place in Canada. LaSalle College international school of Fashion Arts and Design's annual fashion show 'Signature' showcases the Fashion Design graduates newest designs. 'Signature' held two fashion shows at the Olympic Stadium on Sunday May 6th, one at 4 pm and the other at 7:30 pm. 138 graduating students originating from over ten different countries showcased 350 outfits to make up 24 different collections shown throughout the evening. LaSalle's Fashion Design program is an intense program that produces some of Canada's best designers. Students work their fingers to the bone for three years to produce this show and it's safe to say it was a great success.

The crowd was alive with excitement as we took in the lightshow preceding the fashion show. The student's creations were spectacular and received a standing ovation from their audience. The section entitled '3:33' showcased a colorful collection which featured a stunning orange trench coat, one of my favorite pieces of the evening. 'Génese' however was my favorite collection by far. The section featured headdress constructed out of white yarn that really gave a creative edge to the look. 

I tried to shazam as much music as possible:

Two Dots- Lusine

Genesis- Grimes

Come On- Electrelane

Remember Me? – Saltillo

Elephants- Warpaint

Crave You- (Adventure Club Dupstep remix) Flight Facilities 

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