Wednesday, 27 June 2012


I have some very exciting news! This week the renovations on my condo will officially be complete. Here are few snapshots I've taken to give you an idea what it looks like. The most exciting news however is that a photographer is coming in to take some pictures of the space. I can't believe it! I'll be sure to post the photos and add the link to the site where it's being featured as well as take some photos of my own once it's finished. I am really proud as this is the first space I've ever decorated on my own. I've always been really involved in the process of decorating the homes my family has built throughout the years and have always debated if I should have gone into interior design. After this challenge it is so nice to see a reward for all of the hard work myself and my family have put into the space. It's been a long and busy process but I'm looking forward to sharing the finished product with you. I'll also let you know where we purchased everything. I've really had so much fun decorating!

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