Thursday, 5 July 2012

R Pats

This week at the office...

Today Vancouver felt like paradise. The weather was beautiful, sunny and Riley Paton and I got to enjoy a day off mid work week. The two of us started our day by taking some style shots for College Fashionista in Kits. Riley was looking as gorgeous as ever rocking that amazing smile! We quickly ditched out stylish frocks and opted for some lulu gear to play some tennis. Luckily we only hit a few people with the ball this time and managed to set a new rally record! Although we may not have been the best tennis players the kits courts have seen throughout the last few years we were definitely the best dressed in our lulu gear! We lazed in the sun once our intense match of tennis had taken its toll on our bodies. To finish off our eventful day we stopped by Safeway to pick up some groceries for dinner, which was delicious! Last of all we wandered along the sea wall for one of those spectacular Vancouver sunsets. It was a pretty wonderful Thursday. 

Dress / Anthropologie
Sunglasses /  Anthropologie
Necklace / Anthropologie
Shoes / Anthropologie
Jacket /  The Gap

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