Wednesday, 14 November 2012



I had to create a storyboard for a homework assignment at school this week. I chose to design my storyboard around my homemade rock + wire jewelry by designing the branding behind the collection.

Exploring the beauty and simplicity of the natural world.  

The theme of the collection has been greatly inspired by the natural world and the materials and landscapes we find within it. I chose to use a natural and achromatic color scheme of blacks, greys, whites, golds and browns for the branding behind WING + HARROW.

Achromatic and Natural color schemes are known to be traditional and timeless color palettes to work with. When branding a company with an achromatic or natural color palette you are designing a brand image that will represent luxury and last the test of time.


To incorporate the theme of the collection into the packaging and branding I chose to use elements and colors of the natural world in my designs.

The logo/business cards will be composed of a black background with WING + HARROW written in gold writing. The packaging will be very similiar to the packaging shown in the image above. Rope, feathers and paper will be used to gift wrap your new jewelry purchase. This packaging refelcts the simplicity behind the brand with it's clean white paper while introducing stylish texture and patterns from the natural world.

The images above were chosen to represent the influences behind the collection.  

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