Saturday, 1 June 2013

Smokey Beet Burgers

Smokey Beet Burgers
By: Sprouted Kitchen

Veggie burgers have been popping up everywhere and I've been running around town trying to discover the best ones. So far i have decided that the best Veggie patties I've had this far are the beet patties at whole foods along with my personal favourite, the veggie burger at  Lola Rosa —the best restaurant in Montreal, hands down— however seeing as I no longer live in Montreal I can no longer enjoy my favourite veggie burger from Lola Rosa and shopping at Whole Foods is more of a once a month occasion than an everyday event. Finally, I decided to find the perfect recipe to make my own veggie burgers at home. After months of searching I finally came across Sprouted Kitchen's Smokey Beet Burgers  which are absolutely to die for. They are incredibly easy to make and with one batch you can whip up 8-10 patties. If you are dining with less than ten people, just freeze the mixture and save it for another day. 

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