Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Day Phill Taylor became my idol

Viviana Volpicella, Paris 2012. Photographed by Phill Taylor

The Day Phill Taylor became by Idol

I awoke to a room I was only partially familiar with, getting my day off to an interesting start. I carried out my normal morning routine to the best of my ability. I moved away from my cocoon of blankets to the moderately comfortable desk chair that had positioned itself in front of the rather large desktop. It took a few moments for me to adjust my eyes to get used to the overtly large screen that sat before me. After all, I was used to a little laptop that could easily be brought into the cocoon with me. I made my daily rounds on the inter web, searching out my favourite blogs, collecting pictures to later save and organize into the correct folders on my desktop.

I scanned through the blogs quite quickly, picking up interesting pictures here and there until I visited Vogue. An article headlining the website lead me to Phill Taylor's photography blog and it was love at first sight. His photos sucked me in and I found myself looking deep into his archives. I finally found the strength to pry myself from his website. He seems to capture an image in the way that I always find myself trying to. His pictures encapsulate a moment in time which I find to be the most fascinating type of photograph.

His pictures allow you a glimpse into the life and personality of his subjects. It is because of this that Phill Taylor became my idol this morning.

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