Friday, 30 August 2013

Oak + Fort

This week in my Web Development class we had to select a web page we felt could work better, screen shot it and re-work it in photoshop. I chose to use the online store for Oak + Fort. It seems that the website is malfunctioning because you can’t see any of the photos unless you scroll really far over to the right.

My version is the top image

The Original version is the bottom image.

I removed the negative space on the left side of the webpage and centered the name and pages. This space was unnecessary and made navigating the website harder.

I removed a few of the pages listed at the top because I felt they could be sub-pages to the My Account Page. It also was overwhelming to look at so many differet pages to select. These changes included moving the shopping cart and check out, which will now be filed under my account.

I added a look book at the top of the page that would allow you to scroll through by clicking the arrows on either side. The catalogue would offer style inspiration for how to wear the pieces in the new collection. This feature ads a little character to the webpage where as before it was a little boring

I lightened the text of the pages from dark grey to a lighter grey and made it so that the page selected was darker.

I added some spacing between the product shots and added the name of the product and the price below it. I also reorganized the product shots. I felt they looked better in rows of four stacked over top of one another. If I could re shoot or edit the catalogue I would because the pictures aren’t perfectly white in the background and some background colors are different from others.

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