Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Montreal Café scene

Pikolo Espresso Bar - Café Myraide - Café Santropol - Olive + Gourmando

3418 B Ave. du Parc - The McGill Ghetto
They drip the tea and must use real vanilla. Best tea latté I've ever had. 
Drink of Choice: Low fat London Fog

1432 Rue Mckay - Ste. Catherine
Hands down the most delicious café latté I've ever had the pleasure of drinking
Drink of Choice: Soya Café Latté

3990 St. Urbain - The Plateau, mile end
The best healthy packed sandwich I've had in Montreal with a beautiful backyard terrace
Routine Meal: The Sweet Root Sandwich (vegan option) with added cucumbers. 
Drink of Choice: Black current tea (they always have a little strawberry or fruit goody in your tea cup)

351 St. Paul West - The Old Port
This famous café is always booming and their sandwiches should be enjoyed on numerous occasions
The sandwiches change here so I would recommend always going for a hot sandwich. In my opinion they are even better than the cold sandwiches. They have soup de jour as well. 

Le Couteau/ The Knife
4627 Rue Saint-Denis
Montreal, QC, H2J 2L4, Canada
After coming across a post on Kinfolk about Le Couteau I journeyed over to discover for myself if the café lived up to it's review.  I was a little worried that I would have to order in french seeing it was past mile end but fortunately after I attempted to order a "Café latté avec soy" the cashier laughed and conversed with me in english as though it were easier for him too (phewf) I waited for my soy latté while chatting with the lovely employees and nearly fell over when I took the first sip. The latté was by far the best one I had ever had and I highly encourage you to devote an afternoon to taking a stroll through the plateau and ending up at the fantastic new café. 
Drink of Choice: soy latté


  1. Why wasn't this online before I came to Montreal? :)

    1. I know Philippe! I wasn't thinking. I should have brought you to all of these places. You would have loved them. Luckily I have been researching the Vancouver café scene and Café Myriade featured above is one of the top café's in Canada and they use coffee beans from 49 parallel which is located on Granville Island in Vancouver. As well the owner of Pikolo also featured above is from Vancouver so I believe it is safe to say that when you visit me in Van the coffee will be even better!