Friday, 30 March 2012

Spoiler alert

Seeing as I will be graduating in the next month I have been scouring the car market for the perfect vehicle. It just so happens that the new 2012 VW beetle premium plus seems to meet all of my criteria: Black with a sunroof and a spoiler. I'm getting a little too excited about this! To be completely honest what attracted me the most to this little number was its resemblance to my mom's first car the Toyota celica gt. Some of the fondest memories of my child hood were spent in the back of this car munching on dry cheerios, while my mom jived to the beat of the blasting music, snapping her fingers and biting her lip. I still remember the day my mom sold it, she cried as the new owner drove it out of the driveway. In memoriam of her favourite car I have decided to name my VW "Celica". Sexy, right?

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