Thursday, 10 May 2012


I went to the Bay today and am in serious trouble. I don't need shoes but...
These were so cool and if I end up buying a pair I can only buy one pair. I think I would purchase the black Rachel Roy's over the Sam Edelman sandals just because the heel is so cool. Hopefully I can convince myself that they are actually incredibly ugly. I have to say that the Sam Edelman's looked a little prettier on the shelf than they did on my foot. The strap across the top goes straight across and isn't that flattering on the toe portion of the foot. They are extremely lightweight and look awesome from the side not to mention the height really slims down your leg making you look much taller and slimmer. The black pair is just very unique. When I was wearing them I felt like the Man Repeller. They are really cool from the side as well but I am concerned they will shorten the leg if you were to wear them with a bare leg due to the fact that the leather runs close to the ankle.

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