Tuesday, 29 May 2012


I have amazing news for you. My brother's girlfriend Jamie Munro (a.k.a. the guys girl) began working at trendhunter a little over a year ago and during that time Trendhunter has produced this amazing promo for a reality TV show. I was lucky enough to go for drinks with Jeremy and Shelby and they too are some of the most fascinating and entertaining young professionals I have ever met. So now it is my time to ask you; Have you ever wanted to know how trends come to be? Here's your chance. Trendhunter a company founded in Toronto has grown exponentially over the past few years having generated a huge online following for their trendhunting e-magazine. Watch the video above to go behind the scenes at trendhunter. If you like what you see make sure you comment and like the video! The show was recently pitched to BRAVO and MTV and if you want to see this show on regularly it is your responsibility to get this video as many hits as you can. If you really like it make sure to post it so all of your friends can see!

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