Wednesday, 13 June 2012


This bathroom is simply gorgeous. It is minimalistic and far from cluttered which isn't always the case in a bathroom. We all have so many cosmetics, brushes, hair products...etc. taking up the counter space that the bathroom ends up looking like a garbage dump. While decorating my condo has been a daunting task we have managed to keep the decor very minimal. I want my home to be a calming oasis that allows me to de-stress and relax after a long day of school or work. So far my bathroom will only have a hand soap pump from Anthropologie and perhaps a jewelry box from Chapters. There are two that I like there, one is marble and 50% off which makes it a little more tempting where as the other is a wooden base with a white and black patterned top. It's a lot more attractive than it sounds. I love the bathroom above. The facets are very minimal and almost look like the piping that is running behind the wall has just been extended. I've seen a few bathrooms and kitchens popping up with this design and I am a huge fan. When it comes to my bathroom however I  am most interested in the two plants in the left corner of the vanity. I love the charming simplicity they bring to the space. 
Photo Source: the decorista

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