Friday, 15 June 2012


Today started off like every other day and turned into a celebration. The celebration was brought on by a trip to The Bay which turned out to be having a huge sale (one of those Bay sales where you buy an item on sale, take 25% of the item and then an additional 25% off the item again) If you are thinking my impromptu celebration was due my love for a great sale, I am sorry to say it but you are wrong. Today was a celebration of my lack of will power. I simply couldn't decide between three pairs of shoes and figured...well, I have shopped in a while... what the hell! So, I bought them all. Luckily they are all really different than one another and from anything I already have. The top pair are House of Harlow and will be awesome to wear with leggings or jeans and a nice baggy shear top. The Rachel Roy black heal second from the top is one that has had a returning role in my dreams. I had seen them in Montreal a week after I splurged on a pair of Calvin Kleins and I simply couldn't justify the purchase. Lucky for me they were 25% off so I picked up a pair. THe last pair are Sam Edelman's and will go perfectly with the outfit I purchased at JNBY yesterday (expect a post on this experience very soon) which I will wear to my job interview on Monday. Well, Happy Shopping!

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