Monday, 4 June 2012


Is anyone else obsessed with Whole Foods Market? I was in my new condo in Coal Harbour for the past two days with no pots, pans or dish wear and was "forced" to eat out. I was terribly excited when I found out there was a whole foods market down the hill from my new home. I awoke to a rainy day but despite the gloomy Vancouver weather I sprang out of bed, hopped in the shower and headed to Whole Foods. Like my fellow shoppers I stared at the smoothie board as though I was looking at the hottest guy in the world. I stood there with my mouth agape for a few moments too long before realizing and quickly pulled myself together. I ordered the 'California Dream' which had ingredients ranging from coconut water to kale. The smoothie was just what the doctor ordered, filling, delicious and healthy!

Of course I returned to pick up some pre-made "Whole-Foods" for dinner and decided I would pick up a packet of whole wheat pita's, an order of fresh salsa, curried tofu, tahini garlic kale and lastly the Whole Foods veggie burger patty. Let me tell you... it was to die for! 

I heated up the veggie patty and the pita and topped it off with some garlic tahini kale and fresh salsa (Don't feel alone if you're salivating right now because I am too!)

Here is the list of ingredients for the salsa. If you know me you are sure to know that I like to try and replicate recipes I like so what better way to start than with the ingredients. I will try and find the proper measurements once I have measuring cups, spoons, utensils...etc. 

Red onion
Lemon juice

Doesn't sound too hard does it?


  1. As this instructor pointed out, 'salsa' means 'sauce' in Spanish because it was made as a mix of things. Thus, it is not a dance that is terribly strict. It is also a street dance, that means it has less structure to it. Thus, as long as you're in time and dancing to the rhythm of the music, then you're probably salsa dancing.

    1. That's really cool! So I am assuming they named the salsa 'Salsa Cruda' because it doesn't follow any specific measurements.

    2. You got it Lauren! I am pretty sure you are also going to any kind of mix dance then you join as well.